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Secure, resilient and trusted technology


  • Shape the development and use of critical technology, including cyberspace, to support international peace and stability
  • Build international resilience to digital disinformation and misinformation and their effects
  • Build a strong and resilient cyber security capability for Australia the Indo-Pacific and the world
  • Strengthen cooperation for enhanced prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of cybercrime
  • Enable a safe and inclusive online environment

Security Overview

International Cyber and Critical Technology Engagement Strategy: Security

The malicious use of cyberspace and critical technologies poses clear risks to the security and safety of Australians, our country, the Indo-Pacific region and the world. We will take action to strengthen our capability, and that of our region, to manage and respond to threats to security and safety enabled by cyberspace and critical technologies.

The value of international partnerships in responding to cyber threats and cybercrime has been demonstrated through our experience in responding to these risks. We will continue to strengthen our partnerships on cyber security and cybercrime prevention, detection and prosecution to help guard Australia and our region from these threats. New means of political and economic coercion are enabled by unlawful invasive surveillance, and disinformation is enhanced by the capabilities of cyberspace and critical technologies. We will expand our engagement with partners to increase capability to identify and effectively manage technology-enabled threats, such as disinformation.

This work is underpinned by our advocacy for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace, founded in the application of existing international law and agreed norms of behaviour. Australia's position is that states must comply with their obligations under international law, including the UN Charter, when using technologies, and encourage states to make use of the established international legal framework that supports international cooperation to combat cybercrime.

Only by taking action to mitigate the risks born of the malicious misuse of technology can we realise the full range of benefits they offer.

Strategy Champions

Peter Jennings PSM

Executive Director, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Julie Inman Grant

Commissioner, eSafety Commission

Mohan Koo

Co-founder and CTO, Dtex Systems

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