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Technology fosters sustainable economic growth and development


  • Support a connected and prosperous Indo-Pacific comprised of independent sovereign states enabled by secure and economically viable critical technology
  • Advocate for open, resilient, diverse and competitive international technology markets and supply chains
  • Strengthen Australian research, industry and innovation through international cooperation
  • Shape international critical technology standards that foster interoperability, innovation, transparency, diverse markets and security‑by‑design
  • Promote the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance
  • Maximise economic growth by shaping an enabling environment for digital trade

Prosperity Overview

International Cyber and Critical Technology Engagement Strategy: Prosperity

Technological developments are now at the centre of economic change and growth. Advances in technology increase productivity and efficiency, create new economic activity and open access to new markets.

Australia's international engagement will seek to create the conditions in which we can maximise the opportunities of cyberspace and critical technology for our prosperity, and that of our region. We do this because Australia benefits from an Indo-Pacific region of stable, prosperous and sovereign states that cooperate on shared interests and are resilient to coercion.

We will support enhanced connectivity, particularly in the Indo-Pacific, and support the rules-based trading system to maximise our collective prosperity. Australia will oppose unnecessary bifurcation of global technology markets, taking into account Australia's national security and national interests.

We will advocate for open, resilient, diverse and competitive technology markets, and promote standards that foster safe, interoperable and secure technologies.

International engagement and cooperation multiplies our own scientific efforts and provides access to cutting-edge technology in a cost-effective way. Cyberspace and critical technologies have the potential to reshape our economy and sustain long-term economic prosperity for Australia and the Indo-Pacific.

Strategy Champions

Jennifer Westacott

CEO, Business Council of Australia

Andy Penn

CEO, Telstra

Dr Lesley Seebeck

Honorary Professor, Australian National University

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