Introduction by the Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology

Competition over technology is increasingly at the centre of international politics and foreign policy.
Dr. Tobias Feakin

While states have always sought to use technology for competitive gain, the countries that can harness the current wave of innovation, mitigate its risks, and capitalise on its transformative powers will gain economic, political and security advantages. The countries that manage this best will be at the forefront of 21st century leadership.

The Strategy builds on the 2017 International Cyber Engagement Strategy (ICES) by incorporating critical technology into Australia's international engagement. While many of the drivers and foundations in the 2017 ICES remain relevant, our international engagement must expand to reflect the increasing interconnectedness between cyberspace and critical technology.

The Strategy was developed through a comprehensive and rigorous consultation process with key international and domestic stakeholders including Government, state and territory governments, industry, civil society and the research community.

We met with over 100 experts from over 70 organisations to discuss the trends shaping the strategic, geopolitical and technical environment.

Additionally, we undertook a public call for submissions to encourage interested stakeholders in Australia and overseas to provide input into the Strategy.

Strategic planning in a time of significant change and disruption is essential but inherently difficult. In the current environment, it is possible that some of the trends and issues identified in the Strategy will require further responses and actions. However, while our strategic environment may change and technological disruption may accelerate, the foundations of Australia's international engagement on cyber and critical technology will remain the same.

To adapt to changes in our environment, we will regularly review our international engagement objectives and priorities. We will pursue a coordinated, national strategic approach to ensure all stakeholders are involved. We will always make decisions in our national interest. We will always work with industry and civil society, as well as the international community, including those who do not necessarily share our views.


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Dr. Tobias Feakin
Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology