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Quantum Meta-Ethics – The University of Sydney and Observer Research Foundation (ORF) explore the hard questions posed by emerging quantum technologies

Quantum Meta-Ethics (QM-E) is the latest initiative of Project Q, an interdisciplinary investigation funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York that looks into the societal and geopolitical implications of quantum innovation. With support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) under the Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership, the University of Sydney and the New Delhi based Observer Research Foundation (ORF) are working together to put these findings into practice by developing ethical frameworks for emerging quantum technologies.


The first QM-E workshop, hosted by the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) at the University of Sydney, was openly speculative, exploring three meta-ethical questions first raised at the sixth annual Q Symposium. First, what lessons were learnt from previous efforts to apply ethical standards to critical technologies? Second, what constitutes ethical behaviour, best practices and responsible innovation in quantum technology? Third, how best to produce ethical accords consistent with international law, human rights and climate justice that are also actionable across multiple sectors of quantum innovation?


The findings of the Sydney and New Delhi workshops will provide the framework for an international Project Q/QM-E symposium in early 2023.