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On 24 March 2022, Denmark and Australia launched a global network of cyber and tech ambassadors from more than 20 ensure a responsible, democratic and secure technological future in cooperation with the tech industry.

Digital technologies are shaping the future of humanity. The pace of current technological change outstrips any in our history. Advances in artificial intelligence, quantum computing and high speed communications are transforming how we live, work, govern, and interact.

These technologies also expose us to new risks, particularly when they are used by authoritarian states to repress, to silence, and to disrupt the international rules-based order. We condemn Russia’s ongoing campaign of malicious cyber activity and disinformation in Ukraine and reiterate the importance of the international community upholding the rules-based order online, just as we do offline.

The network recognises that success rests on partnership and collaboration between governments and the technology companies that design, develop and deploy the next generation of digital technologies.