The Sydney Dialogue

With funding from the AICCTP, The Sydney Dialogue is the world’s premier summit on emerging and critical technologies, It was first held in November 2021; and included a mix of speeches and discussions with senior political leaders and industry, as well as more discreet in-depth events on particular issues. The inaugural Sydney Dialogue had keynote addresses from the former Prime Minister of Australia, the Prime Minister of India and the former Prime Minister of Japan.

The Dialogue provides a global venue for the world’s political leaders and top technology executives and thinkers to deliver a speech that sets out red lines, forefront thinking, and telegraphs major developments or shifts in policy. Follow-up forums then provide the opportunity to tease out nuance and exchange perspectives. The dialogue is global in outlook, but with a key focus on the Indo-Pacific. Each year it tackles different themes and it will occasionally also prioritize certain countries or regions.

The next Sydney Dialogue will be held 4-5 April 2023, view a video on the Sydney Dialogue here: and you can find up to date information on the Sydney Dialogue here: The Sydney Dialogue — The Sydney Dialogue (