Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership (AICCTP)

Australia and India continue to elevate our cyber and critical technology cooperation, working together to shape a safer and more secure global environment. The $12.7 million Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership (AICCTP) contributes to Australian Government priorities to promote a stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

The AICCTP complements the Australia-India Framework Arrangement on Cyber and Cyber-Enabled Critical Technology Cooperation and establishes a platform for Australia and India to work together to promote and preserve an open, free, safe and secure Internet, enhance digital trade, harness critical technology opportunities and address cyber security challenges.

To achieve this the Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership (AICCTP) aims to:

  • Shape international discourse on critical technology strengthening our understanding of ethical frameworks  supporting research and development of technical standards.
  • Deepen institutional linkages on cyber and critical technology issues between Australian and Indian researchers, businesses and government.
  • Potentially support other Indo-Pacific countries to improve cyber resilience.
  • Complement our bilateral cyber and critical technology cooperation architecture supporting the Australia-India Framework Arrangement on Cyber and Cyber Enabled Critical Technologies Cooperation

The AICCTP creates a research and development fund for Indian and Australian businesses and research institutions to collaborate, and provides funding for information sharing and capacity building initiatives to support other countries to improve their cyber resilience.

These initiatives will help shape a global technology environment that meets Australia and India’s shared vision of an open, free, rules-based Indo-Pacific region. We will enhance our engagement with industry and civil society on cyberspace and critical technology issues, recognising the importance of industry in the design, development and use of critical technologies. Engaging with civil society, academia, and the technical community will help assure new technologies are safer, more transparent, inclusive and explainable.