Third Australia-India Cyber Policy Dialogue: Joint Statement

Third Australia-India Cyber Policy Dialogue: Joint Statement

New Delhi

The third Australia-India Cyber Policy Dialogue was held in New Delhi on 4 September 2019. The Australian delegation, led by Ambassador for Cyber Affairs Dr. Tobias Feakin included representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Signals Directorate's Australian Cyber Security Centre, and Australian Federal Police. The Indian delegation, led by Shri Upender Singh Rawat, Joint Secretary in charge of e-Governance, Information Technology and Cyber Diplomacy at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs , consisted of representatives of NSCS, MHA, MeitY, DoT, CERT-In and NCIIPC .

The Dialogue provided the opportunity to discuss current and emerging cyber security issues including emerging ICT technologies, national approaches to cyber security policy and legislation, international issues including our respective views on the UN Group of Governmental Experts and Open Ended Working Group, critical technologies, and cooperation to address cybercrime.

Both countries noted their sustained concern with the increasing frequency and seriousness of cyber security incidents that have the potential to impact the national and economic security of respective countries and undermine international peace and security. India and Australia affirmed commitment to ensure security and stability in cyberspace underpinned by their shared commitment to the implementation of the UNGGE reports of the 2013 and 2015 on the application of international law, in particular the UN Charter, agreed norms of responsible state behavior, confidence building measures and capacity building. Both countries are committed to constructive dialogue on these issues in multilateral forums including the UN Group of Governmental Experts and Open Ended Working Group.

Noting the need to strengthen bilateral engagement on cyber security and technology policy issues, India and Australia agreed to further enhance practical cyber security policy cooperation through reciprocal expert exchanges to share information on cyber security policy development, telecommunications, legislative developments, and engagement with the private sector. India and Australia agreed to commence in-country expert exchanges noting Australia had offered to host the first interaction. India and Australia further agreed to work towards the establishment of a Joint Working Group on Cyber Security Cooperation and to commence negotiations for a Framework Agreement on Cyber Cooperation.

Both countries noted that the increasing ubiquity of the Internet of Things (IoT) provides significant opportunities and benefits for our respective economies, including through the development of Smart Cities. Capitalising on these opportunities relies on security being built in by design. Both countries acknowledge that greater international cooperation is required to address the cyber security risks currently posed by insecure IoT devices and shape and align security standards for IoT devices globally. India and Australia committed to share information on IoT security standards and best practices and to cooperate to promote security by design as a core element of IoT development.

The Dialogue discussed the growing importance of critical technologies to national and international social and economic well-being, and security. Noting this, both countries agreed to continue further dialogue on these issues and look forward to identifying opportunities for further collaboration on the cyber security of critical technologies.

The Australian delegation thanked India for their hospitality and looked forward to hosting the next Dialogue.