Cyber Cooperation Program Open Grants process

Outcome of the Cyber Cooperation Program Open Grants process

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade awards grants to eight partners following the evaluation of the 2020 Open Grants process

Australia's Cyber Cooperation Program (the Program) works across the Indo-Pacific to strengthen cyber resilience, partnering with countries to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by the Internet and digital technologies. Established in 2016, the Program is a seven year $34 million investment to support Australia's international cyber engagement, which champions an open, free and secure cyberspace.

Australia actively seeks creative partnership opportunities with governments, civil society, academia, international organisations, and the private sector to advance our collective interests in cyberspace.

DFAT conducted the Program’s 2020 Open Grants process seeking project proposals which focused on:

  1. building cyber security and incident response capability for a strong and resilient cyber security posture within critical sectors
  2. advocating and protecting human rights and democracy online, and
  3. mainstreaming gender equality within cyber affairs.

Successful grantees demonstrated alignment with the Program’s goals, development impact and value-add. Coming from a range of sectors, the below organisations were awarded grants:

  • ABC International Development
  • APNIC Foundation
  • CyberCX
  • Cyber Law International
  • Plan International Australia
  • Retrospect Labs
  • TAFE Queensland
  • Willyama Services

Further detail on each organisation and their respective project: Meet our partners.