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Quad Critical and Emerging Technology Working Group

On 13 March, the Prime Minister met US President Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Suga and Indian Prime Minister Modi for the first-ever Quad Leaders’ Summit on 13 March 2021 [12 March US EST]. Foreign Minister Payne joined Prime Minister Morrison at the Summit, following her participation in the Third Quad Foreign Ministers Meeting on 18 February 2021.

Quad leaders agreed to establish a Critical and Emerging Technology Working Group to facilitate cooperation to ensure that technology standards are governed by shared interests and values. Quad Leaders also agreed to explore cooperation on 5G deployment and diversification of equipment suppliers, in close cooperation with the private sector and industry.

The Quad Critical and Emerging Technology Working Group will pursue five lines of effort:

  • Develop a statement of principles on technology design, development and use
  • Facilitate coordination on technology standards development, including between our national technology standards bodies, and working with a broad range of partners
  • Encourage cooperation on telecommunications deployment, diversification of equipment suppliers, and future telecommunications, including through close cooperation with the private sector and industry
  • Facilitate cooperation to monitor trends and opportunities related to developments in critical and emerging technology, including biotechnology
  • Convene dialogues on critical technology supply chains

The Critical and Emerging Technology Working Group reflects the recognition of Quad leaders that a free, open, inclusive and resilient Indo-Pacific requires critical and emerging technology be governed and operate according to shared interests and values.

At the Quad Leaders’ Summit, leaders also pledged their commitment to strengthening Quad cooperation on the defining challenges of the Indo-Pacific region; to respond to the economic and health impacts of COVID-19, combat climate change, and collaborate on critical and emerging technologies, among other core challenges.

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