Speech at RSA: Australian cyber engagement: global in perspective, regional in focus

"We live in the most excitingly interconnected era in human history. Instantaneous communications, transactions and access to information keep our economies growing, infrastructure working, governments enabled and social capital flourishing. There is scarcely a foreign policy issue without a cyber-component, from influence campaigns during elections, cyber-enabled IP theft, transnational cybercrime, online censoring freedom of expression to digital trade, e-commerce and social enablement. As a result, cyber-affairs have shifted from being technical, niche issues to a key strategic foreign policy issue, which demands increasing government attention. However, governments cannot address the opportunities and challenges of cyberspace alone. The Internet is fundamental to the private sector, civil society and consumers, all of whom must coordinate closely to reap the benefits offered by emerging digital technologies. Led by the ambassador for Cyber Affairs, Australia’s international cyber-engagement is global in perspective and regional in focus. It centres around six themes: digital trade, cybercrime, cybersecurity, international security, Internet governance, human rights and technology for development. The ambassador is responsible for coordinating Australia’s capacity building activities across government, private sector and civil society to ensure we all benefit from a free, open and secure cyberspace in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond."

Dr Tobias Feakin, Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs

Dr Tobias Feakin

Australian Cyber-Engagement: Global in Perspective, Regional in Focus