Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology

Ambassador Toby Feakin

Dr Tobias Feakin is Australia’s inaugural Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology. He commenced as Ambassador for Cyber Affairs in January 2017, before having his mandate expanded to reflect the central role that technology issues have in geopolitics in 2021.

He leads Australia’s Whole of Government international engagement to advance and protect Australia’s national security, foreign policy, economic and trade, and development interests in cyberspace and critical technology.

Ambassador Feakin was a member of the Independent Panel of Experts that supported the Australian Cyber Security Review to produce Australia’s 2016 Cyber Security Strategy. Following that, he led the creation of Australia’s 2017 International Cyber Engagement Strategy.

Prior to his Ambassadorial appointment, Dr Feakin was the Director of National Security Programs at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute from 2012 to 2016 where he established the Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre. Prior to this he was Director for National Security and Resilience at the Royal United Services Institute in London from 2006-2012.

Ambassador Feakin is a Senior Fellow with the Royal United Services Institute and a member of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s FinCyber Advisory Group which focuses on developing an International Strategy for Cybersecurity and the Global Financial System.

Ambassador Feakin holds an Honours Degree in Security Studies and a Doctorate of Philosophy in International Politics and Security Studies, both from the University of Bradford.

Latest News

Introduction by the Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology

05 Nov 2020
Competition over technology is increasingly at the centre of international politics and foreign policy.
UK-US-Canada Joint Advisory on Russia

UK-US-Canada Joint Advisory on Russia

17 Jul 2020

Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs, Australian Government, Australian Cyber Security Centre, and Australian Government Department of Home Affairs

Today, Australia declares its support for…

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Australia and US call out cyber attacks on hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic

27 Apr 2020

As China pushes Huawei-inspired supply chain freedoms at the United Nations, Australia reminds the world that a cyber legal framework already exists and attacking hospitals is not on.