Australia – UK Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership Principals Meeting

Australia – UK Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership Principals Meeting Joint Statement

Australia and the UK held the first in-person Principals Meeting under the Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership. We reaffirmed our commitment to shape a positive technology environment and maintain an open, free, peaceful and secure internet that is used to uphold and protect liberal democratic values and maximise opportunities for economic growth. Cooperation on cyber security and critical technologies is an essential pillar of the modern and dynamic Australia – UK relationship.

Australia and the UK discussed the increased scale and severity of malicious cyber activity by state and non-state actors. We will continue to work in close partnership to deter and respond to malicious actors threatening our national interests, global stability and the international rule-based order.

We agreed to strengthen cooperation and coordination on capacity building assistance requested by our partners in the Indo-Pacific, to enhance cyber and critical technology connectivity and resilience and access to the economic opportunities provided by the digital economy. The rapid shifts in the geo-political, economic and technological landscape across the Indo-Pacific necessitate cooperation to manage cyber and critical technology risks.

Australia and the UK discussed how to promote responsible and democratic use of cyber power and expressed a shared commitment to sustained engagement in international cyber governance processes in support of these objectives.

We agreed to explore opportunities to further strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation on cyber and critical technology. We will continue to work to ensure the way in which technology is designed, developed, governed, and used is shaped by our shared values and respect for universal human rights.

The meeting was an important step in cementing our shared practical and values-driven approach to the challenges and opportunities presented by cyber and critical technologies.

AUKMIN in 2023 will be another opportunity to take forward these discussions.

Both countries look forward to the next Principals meeting to be held in the UK in mid-2023.